We are dedicated to the art of storytelling to bring your brand and message to life.  Believing n the power of visual communications to move people, BVC offers the highest quality work in 4K on regional budgets.

Our team is easy to partner with, as we delight in telling your story with clarity, creativity and impact.   

Literacy & Phonics Tools for Lifelong Learning

Ausco Land Cruiser Off-Highway Brake Solution

Full-service Video Production, Animation & Virtual Events with a fantastic, collaborative team.

Bolin Video Communications edited, in partnership with BMC and Amy McWhirter, Virtual Event Host.  Host portions were filmed on green screen in BVC's own studio.

Amy McWhirter hosts StreamTV Show Emerging Leaders Awards. Includes peek behind the scenes of filming on green screen in BVC's studio with professional videographer and full video production.

LogiQuip Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

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